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About Us

L. P. S. p. A established in 1976 with major presence in petrochemical plants and most recently in cogeneration plants for manufacture and supply of:

  • Finned Tubes.
  • Studded Tubes.
  • Headers and Manifolds.
  • Fired heater radiant and covenction coils.
  • Fired heater modules.
  • Waste heat boilers, preheaters, economizers, and superheaters.
  • Cryogenic liquid vaporizers (LNG).
  • Piping systems.
  • Skid Assemblies.



Our proud history of more than 30 years of activity has given usthe expertise required to manufacture the finest equipment available. L. P. S. p. A. has a lobour force of 100 people and utilizes all the most up - to - date production devices. Our works layout has recently been completely redesigned to ensure easy flow of materials and good working conditions for all our skilled labour. A policy of continuing investment in plant and equipment ensures that workshops facilities are periodically reinforced and conform to international standards. Our policy is reliability and product quality.L. P. S. p. A: an ISO9001 adn ASME Certified Company.

The technical background of our company ensures that the manufacturing process and procedures meet the approval of LLOYDS, BUREU VERITAS, APAVE, T. U. E. V., D. N. V., ISPSL, and other international agencies requirements.

The capabilities of L. P. S. p. A. have been recognised by leading international engineering organisations and prestigious contracts have been secured from Selas Linde, SFPC, ABB Lummus, KTI, Heurtey Petrochem, Foster Wheeler, JGC, Larsen & Toubro, Aramco, Technip and others.

A combination of innovative technology, quality assurance, and advanced manufacturing equipments are the reasons for the impressive growth of L. P. S. p. A.


 L.P. SpA’s activity  has been focused , since its foundation in 1977,  in the manufacture of welded pressure equipment, coils and modules for petrochemical plants  and steam generators, extended surface pipes (finning, studding), air exchangers, and LNG vaporizers, tubular systems (cold collectors and Inlet systems for reforming plants).

 The Management  has adopted as a strategic choice and still promotes the implementation by the whole organization of a Corporate Policy, which puts the Quality culture at the highest level, to increase Customer‘s satisfaction and to guarantee growth of technology  and human resources, to achieve  a continuous improvement of its organization both in terms of  quality and  profitability.

For this purpose, the Management involves all the staff from every level to implement  its own Policy, as laid down in the Management System, within their  competences and responsibilities and  verifies that each employee is involved and conscious of its own role  to reach the required Quality level and Production targets  and their continuous  improvement. To  implement  this policy, L.P. S.p.A has defined following  crucial targets:

1. The economic and financial context

2. Customer Satisfaction

3. Internal processes

4. Technological growth and human resources

5. Growth of environmental awareness

• The economic and financial context is the component that will plan both, the long-term strategies, focused on growth, and the short-term strategies on productivity.

• Customer satisfaction is recorded by monitoring their level of satisfaction and loyalty, while ensuring that the following goals are achieved:

1. Product quality improvement

2. Respect of deliveries,

3. Reduction of total costs,

4. Reduction of direct and indirect costs

5. Reducing machine stops/failures

6. Find turnkey solutions to satisfy client by providing multiple engineering services which cover all their pre and after sales needs.

• Increasing productivity is an important indicator of the relationship between customers’ satisfaction and financial results. The actions promoted by LP. S.p.A are:

1. Manufacture and deliver products and services to customers in line with market  technological prescriptions;

2. Establish and strengthen relationships with old and new customers;

3. Develop new products and services;

4. Adapt to social regulations and expectations.

5. Foresee any necessary action with appropriate risk analysis of production processes.


• Technological  growth  and human resources potential  are achieved  through a training   and technological growth plan for the development of knowledge of the individual  and the company as a complex. These training and investment activities, to achieve new know-how, may not reach an immediate reduction of general and specific costs, however they will lead to an improvement in competitiveness and management expertise in the long run,  increasing profitability and granting  image enhancement towards customers.

The implementation  of this action will based on following points:


1. Human capital: capacity, talent and knowledge of workers;

2. IT capital: basic data, IT systems, network and technological infrastructure;

3. Organizational capital: culture, leadership, teamwork and managerial knowledge.


This activity therefore assumes the following improvement goals:

1. Investments on human resources;

2. Investments on IT information Technology;

3. Continuous learning, organizing strategical team working.(strategy maps)


• Growth of  environmental awareness

The organization, in its continuous improvement work, wants to increase its sensibility towards  environment, concentrating its efforts in monitoring and optimizing the energy consumption of its equipment. Therefore, the ongoing activities are aimed and planned at finding solutions which will lead to  energy saving.

L.P. S.p.A. gains reputation and reliability through quality, therefore its main policy requires that all staff must be involved and dedicated to its implementation and development. The company policy guidelines are enforceable through the Quality Management System in  compliance with applicable laws and regulations,  as well as the voluntary standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.


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