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Heat transfer equipment

L. P. S. p. A. is committed to the manufacturing
of a wide range of products for the oil, gas,
chemical, power generating industry
and waste heat recovery systems.

About L. P. S. p. A.

L. P. S. p. A. is a privated owned company founded in 1976, situated in Venegono Superiore, 40 Km North of Milan. Our proud history of more than 30 years of activity has given us the expertise required to manufacture the finest equipment available.



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Finned Tubes

Finned Tubes

Our Steel Fin Tubes are helically wound and continously welded to the tube by High Frecuency electric resistance welding of Solid or Serrated steel fins.


Steel Studded Tubes

Studded Tubes

Are used instead of finned tubes for heat transfer in furnaces and boilers with very corrosive enviroments requiring frequent or aggressive cleaning.
The steel studs are automatically resistance welded to the tube. 



fabrication lpspa

We can incorporate extended surface tubing into heat recovery systems and supply it as complete units. Convection Modules for refinery heaters, Radiant Coils,...
We combine highly qualified welders, technology and facilities to produce very large equipment.



Cilindrical Economizer.



lpspa quality

Our quality system, based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard is certified by D.N.V. We are certified according to PED (97/23/EC), ASME “S , “U” and National Board Stamps,... Our QA Team is highly qualified and equiped with high technology inspection and test equipment.



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